Javier Ruescas



  • Cuentos de Bereth I, 2019
  • Esencial, 2019
  • Prohibido creer en historias de amor, 2018
  • Por una rosa (con Laura Gallego y Benito Taibo), 2017
  • Crónicas de fortuna III: La decisión de la bailarina, 2016
  • Latidos (con Francesc Miralles), 2016
  • Trilogía Electro III: Némesis (en colaboración con Manu Carbajo), 2016
  • Crónicas de fortuna I: El secreto del trapecista, 2015
  • Crónicas de fortuna II: El recuerdo del mago, 2015
  • El sinsentido del amor, 2015
  • Trilogía Electro I: Electro (en colaboración con Manu Carbajo), 2015
  • Trilogía Electro II: Aura (en colaboración con Manu Carbajo), 2015
  • Trilogía Play III: Live, 2014
  • Pulsaciones (con Francesc Miralles), 2013
  • Trilogía Play II: Show, 2013
  • Trilogía Play I: Play, 2012
  • Tempus fugit: Ladrones de almas, 2010


  • 2015 – Premio Hache de Literatura Juvenil por Pulsaciones
  • 2010 – Premio Literatura Joven, de la III Feria del Libro de la Sierra Oeste de Madrid


He is a Madrid writer and youtuber, known for his promotion of youth literature.

After finishing his studies in Journalism, Ruescas studied the Master of Film Business of the ESCAC (2019) and has studied the Writing Workshop of Cinematographic Script of the ECAM. In addition, he has collaborated in different short films within the field of Production.

Javier is the author of about twenty novels and anthologies that have made him one of the best-known youth literature writers in Spain and Latin America. These include La saga PLAY (PRHM), The (no) sense of love (PRHM), Pulsations (SM), co-written with Francesc Miralles, the Saga Electro (Edebé), co-written with Manu Carbajo, Tales of Bereth (PRHM) and Forbidden to believe in love stories (PRHM). His work has been translated into various languages.

Both his novel PLAY and Pulsations were selected among the best youth novels of his year of publication according to experts in Babelia (El País) and in 2015, Pulsations won the Hache Prize awarded by almost 2000 readers. Apart from writing, Javier is a creative writing teacher and actively manages his own social networks, where he has more than 300,000 followers.

Ruescas is also an editor and has participated in numerous papers, talks and international round tables on new technologies, young people and the situation of literature in Spain.

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